99 Friendship Episode 5

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

August 7th, 2016 · No comments

The Olympics are on, the Canadian women’s national team has a perfect record through its first two games, so what do we get up to? We spend ten minutes insulting Melissa Tancredi even more gratuitously than usual then talk about women’s rugby sevens, a sport which it turns out Carolyn knows a bit about! I’m not going to lie, we mention the Olympics a bit, there’s no avoiding it, and we aren’t even very negative about them. #Sabs2016 is still a thing, Ashley Lawrence is with us everywhere, what with all the scoring there are even more reasons than usual to hype up Janine Beckie, and we discuss whether we want Canada to beat Germany at the Olympics and how mad it is that we’re even asking.

Look, we recorded this podcast directly after the Zimbabwe game. I had no notes or anything, Carolyn is on vacation, it’s a miracle we got up to half an hour of #content. The Olympics are crazy and these Olympics look even crazier than usual. 2-0-0 or not, happiness and hope are premature until we actually see Christine Sinclair with the medal around her neck. You could say the same thing if we were getting the snot beat out of us, as 2012 demonstrated vividly. The emotional timbre of a podcast, in these circumstances, will be erratic.

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