99 Friendship Episode 27

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

January 30th, 2017 · No comments

It is the week before Canada’s women’s soccer team meets Mexico in a bronze medal celebration match, whatever that means, but unfortunately for them it is also the week where Canada’s lady-curlers shake out most of the field for the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the national lady-curling championship. Even more unfortunately, a lot of very interesting things happened! Both Carolyn and my faves lost to opponents literally nobody on Earth, including the winning curlers themselves, would have predicted before it happened! I mean we don’t break down and cry on the podcast, in my case because I don’t hate the curler Val Sweeting lost to and anyway Shannon Kleibrink played really well and deserved it. In Carolyn’s case it was possibly because Jennifer Jones played so badly she didn’t deserve anything, and possibly because she started drinking at like ten in the morning.

Good episode. Good, curling-focused episode. I mean we find some time to shoot the breeze about woso for, like, the last two minutes of a 28-minute episode; you’ve got that going for you. Skip ahead if you like, we won’t be offended. And I think I can bet that there will be much more soccer-based excitement when we record next week, if we manage it through our crippling hangovers. (Adriana Leon signing with the Boston Breakers, which I’m sure we would have talked about had we known it was coming, came out only after the podcast was recorded because NWSL front offices are wise to our schedule and don’t want to fling us red meat. I’m sure that’s why.)

Obviously, because Carolyn co-hosts this podcast, there are some allusions to the most famous incident of Heather Nedohin’s life. Carolyn gives us the story but if you want the video evidence I got you, fam.

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Parental advisory: I swear a bit more than usual in this one.

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