99 Friendship Episode 28

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

February 7th, 2017 · No comments

Carolyn and I rained blows upon young girls being ushered into our seats by their overwhelmed guardians. The Canadian women’s national soccer team rained goals on young Mexico. The Canadian Soccer Association rained flowers on Marie-Ève Nault, Rhian Wilkinson, and Melissa Tancredi to honour their great careers, and rained noticeably fewer flowers on Karina LeBlanc, Carmelina Moscato, and Emily Zurrer because they had also retired and happened to be in the neighbourhood when Peter Montopoli was walking by the flower stall. Then our podcast rains, uh, conditional praise on Nault, because given that she was playing 90 minutes out of position and hasn’t played at all in over a year and we honestly thought she was already retired, she was really decent! We rain no particular scorn on Melissa Tancredi, as we have learned our lesson from Germany. Rhian Wilkinson also played. No new young people did, apart from Sarah Stratigakis who was rained with company in midfield for once. Abby did not get chased, Janine Beckie scored two goals but neither of them were brilliant 90th-minute winners, it was a good, memorable game and we have many things to say about it, and the bronze medal was celebrated.

On the other end of our usual topics, Pinty’s rained money on Jennifer Jones and Kevin Koe. Yes, there was curling! There was so much curling! More than two curlings! We discuss Canada’s legendary wheelchair-curling drug smuggler, who is the same age as the current non-wheelchair curling champion of Ontario and, we hope the, future non-wheelchair curling champion of Northern Ontario.

I liked this episode very much.

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