99 Friendship Episode 30

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

February 20th, 2017 · No comments

On this very special thirtieth episode of 99 Friendship:

  • We discuss bread. Now, look, I know you’re thinking “okay this was a Canadian women’s soccer podcast on day one, and I signed up and I indulged when they started talking about curling, and ringette, and other irrelevant things, but now they’re talking about bread and this is a bridge too far.” But the bread is a topic relevant to one of our regular subjects. Admittedly that subject is “curling.”
  • We have two pieces of canwoso news, and dispose of them in about three minutes. It’s February. Deal with it.
  • Canada’s women’s curling championship, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, is beginning. I missed all the opening games so we don’t mention it at all. Ha ha just kidding this is a mostly-curling podcast when we aren’t talking about bread. But we’re very entertaining so listen to it anyway.
  • Carolyn wrote a huge blog post about curling that was very enjoyable, but she didn’t post it publicly, so I read a paragraph from it. I promise I am not mentioning it just to shame her into sharing it with the world.
  • I wrote a short blog post about the Scotties, but I shared it with the world so we don’t mention it at all.

What’s that, it sounds like the same old crap? You’re right it’s not a very special thirtieth episode of 99 Friendship at all. But follow us on Twitter anyway, or I’ll come to your house and yell about Emma Miskew’s outturn while you try to sleep.

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