99 Friendship Episode 31

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

February 28th, 2017 · No comments

For the love of spinning granite, we didn’t seriously make our 31st episode of 99 Friendship an hour-long all-curling spectacular, did we?

No! Because there’s the introductory and closing songs, which add up to about 48 seconds combined. On top of that we spend 77.3 seconds of talk time discussing the Algarve Cup and its roster. Carolyn took note of Diana Matheson’s absence, but had we known while recording that she had suffered another debilitating knee injury we would have used considerably more time. Most of it would have been screaming. Perhaps it was for the best.

The rest of the hour (yes, an hour) is given over to curling. Canada’s women’s curling championship, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, had just wrapped up in St. Catharines, and the team Carolyn and I had more-or-less reluctantly decided to cheer for had won. This was no credit to us, since we had deliberately picked by far the best team in a field that had us all a little worried Robyn MacPhee or somebody was accidentally going to the World Championships. But it was nice, especially since the games featured some of the best curling seen in a while, so good that even the faintly-annoying skip and team we were “cheering” for emerged likable from their hard-fought victory.

It was such a marathon podcast that we recorded it over two evenings; that’s my excuse, and not “on Sunday night my wifi wrecked like Marla Mallett trying to draw behind a guard.” Yeah, we ran off at the mouth a little. It was worth it, though. If you have any interest in curling, grab a couple Homan-Englot draws off YouTube, sit down with three hours in booze, and enjoy yourself.

Although the social media prize of the Scotties, which by the way is consistently an excellent category, probably goes to Carolyn’s fellow Toban Michelle Englot for grace in defeat.

Anyway, listen to and follow 99 Friendship on Twitter.

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