99 Friendship Episode 43

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

June 5th, 2017 · No comments

Hello, friends! On this week’s scintillating 99 Friendship:

  • You may think that the middle of June, in the middle of a packed women’s soccer calendar, is an impossible time to discuss curling. But thanks to a clumsily-written near-press-release by an intern at TSN.ca for a fake cashspiel in August, you’d be wrong!
  • Apparently Dwayne DeRosario’s niece is on Canada’s latest women’s U-17 team, off to a tournament in China that Carolyn apparently remembers. This goes surprisingly well.
  • Oh fine I guess we have to talk about the Canadian WNT roster for the two upcoming friendlies against Costa Rica in Winnipeg and Toronto. I have a minor nervous breakdown because Erin McLeod, despite being healthy, isn’t on it. The CSA had teased additional retirement announcements and McLeod is one of my favourites. This leads to Carolyn scoffing and saying it obviously isn’t McLeod who they’re making a fuss about, and that in turn leads to me having a major nervous breakdown. I’m a bit harsh. I’m not gonna lie. But I was also accurate.
  • We both watched Ashley Lawrence and Kadeisha Buchanan face off in the UEFA Lady Champions League final. Lawrence was amazing, her penalty was terrific, Buchanan went into “thinks she’s a forward” mode a couple of times, the game was not “good” but it was entertaining.
  • This is so much content that we barely mention the past week in the NWSL at all.

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