99 Friendship Episode 46

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

July 2nd, 2017 · No comments

Not a very special episode of 99 Friendship this week, but one that’s no doubt full of surprise and delight for the dedicated fan. (For one thing, it’s out a day early! Because Ben is going to spend the middle of the week doing a Chris McCandless so we had to get this out of the way. You didn’t want to talk to friends and/or family anyway, did you?)

Do not make this your first episode. Why not try the AmWoSoLit Special instead? But there’s probably a fun thing in it if you’re used to our special brand of fun.

  • It was so fucking hot in Ben’s temporarily airless recording studio. If I was in a union there’d have been a complaint. My computer is in the union and refused to record it, but Carolyn’s did, which is why everything sounds different.

  • One of Canada’s (indeed, the Vancouver area’s) greatest soccer heroines received a prominent national honour this #Canada150 week. Which player are we referring to? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out.

  • Tier-one Canada has booked a pair of friendly against the United States, in Vancouver on November 9 and uh somewhere in the States the next Sunday. It is so early that there isn’t much to say about that yet, though we try.

  • Since it’s a surprisingly quiet week woso-wise (because Carolyn missed the NWSL action), we catch you up on UWS and WPSL. On the UWS end Calgary played Lauren Sesselmann! If you’re interested in the Santa Clarita Blue Heat scoop, we got you covered!

    Lauren Sesselmann is the mom.

  • Then we make fun of random WPSL teams for a bit.

  • Then we talk about curling, because otherwise the podcast would have been 20 minutes long and there are rules. This includes a repeat of the 2017 Lady World Championships final I watched earlier in the week.

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