99 Friendship Episode 47

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

July 10th, 2017 · No comments

After a bit of a flabby episode last week we are back on champagne-swilling form! Apart from the traffic noises! This week on 99 Friendship:

  • Canada’s U-20 national women’s soccer team beat the United States 4-1! To try and salve their shame the US is calling this a “U-18” team even though it has seven players older than eighteen. We are not fooled. (On the other hand, the primary United States lady U-20s are definitely in England now, so we aren’t fooled that way either.)

  • We then lost to Australia, but it was almost literally a completely different Canadian team so that’s okay. Also there was no video evidence to speak of.

  • In a week of NWSL action, Janine Beckie scored and that picture up there happened. It was fun.

  • Canadian curling drama! (Yes, it’s July!) Manitoba lady provincials are the week after mixed doubles trials, and since we’re essentially cheering for Team Brennifer by default, the idea of Jennifer Jones being distracted trying to avenge herself in Toba provincials is worrying. Then we talk about how the hell the Scotties/Brier format could possibly work this Olympic year, which is fun since Curling Canada doesn’t appear to know either.

  • Scottish curling drama! (Yes, it’s July!) David Murdoch, the Scottish Team, is outraged at not going to the Olympics and retiring! The Other Other Scottish Team has shockingly surpassed both Murdoch and the Other Scottish Team to earn Great Britain’s Olympic berth! With a team packed with Muirheads! Does this mean Tom Brewster is still the Other Scottish Team and Kyle Smith is now just the Scottish Team? Is “he plays lots of events and loses them all” a format Olympic selectors should encourage? Hibernia all over the place at the end of this show.

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