99 Friendship Episode 48

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

July 17th, 2017 · No comments

First a housekeeping note. Please do let us know if this episode sounds better, or worse, than usual. We’ve put this week’s, and future, episodes together in a different way, and hopefully the only effect is that both of us (but especially Carolyn) sound better. Still, keep us informed.

Anyway. On this week’s 99 Friendship:

  • The women’s European Championships are on right now in the Netherlands. Carolyn likes lady Euro very much, and we talk about how much fun they’re going to be and the Canadians who should play. We don’t just mean that Canada’s WNT should play the women’s Euro, although we do. We also mean the actual Canadian-born players for other countries. There are two. Did you know that? 99 Friendship busting out the actual information.

  • UEFA put out a guide on how to pronounce some player names at the Euro. You would think that I, of all people, could really use such a thing. But actually it’s more funny than it is informative. Yes, we go through it phoneme by phoneme.

  • In actual Canadian news, our women’s U-17 team wrapped up a tournament in China with a draw and two losses. But that probably isn’t bad! We discuss, as best we can based off Tweets, cell phone footage, and basically rumours.

  • The WPSL season wrapped up as far as Canadians go, and Adriana Leon scored a very nice goal in the NWSL. Things are going well for Adriana lately. Get cautious, limited hype.

  • There is no curling. And we try!

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