99 Friendship Episode 50

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

August 14th, 2017 · No comments

Whether you missed us or not, we’re back! Yes, at long last, episode number 50 of Canada’s favourite women’s soccer/curling podcast, 99 Friendship, is upon you like Carli Lloyd upon the injured list.

On this week’s fabulous, long-prepared episode:

  • Remember the Canada Games? Okay, you have no excuse to have forgotten, they ended last weekend. But the women’s soccer portion ended ages ago and we have some extremely scattered thoughts and memories which, given that you are listening to a show hosted by an Alberta fan and a Quebec fan, naturally focus primarily upon British Columbia.

  • I’m not even going to pretend we fully recap the past three weekends of NWSL action. We do, however, briefly recap the past weekend, and even-more-briefly recap the history of NWSL discipline!

  • In honour of Canada’s CIS athletes doing very respectably against ostensibly-superior teams, we try and fail to say “Universiade.

  • It’s ’90s night at the Houston Dash! Or rather it was ’90s night at the Houston Dash, then after we recorded it actually happened and Carli Lloyd allegedly broke herself. Also, we spend a lot of time making fun of Carli Lloyd, which would be uncomfortably ironic in light of her injury if, y’know,
    it wasn’t Carli Lloyd and she didn’t melodramatically exaggerate an alleged curb-stomping from Melissa Tancredi at the 2012 Olympics or we’d ever forgiven her. Anyway the point is that we talk about the ’90s. Only one of the members of this podcast is old enough to have a clear memory of all the ’90s. So naturally it’s the other one who actually remembers more ’90s stuff.

  • Finally, lest this sound like too much of a good thing, we end on our recurring feature when we have like five minutes of show left to fill, Carolyn’s Canwoho Corner, where she laughs about what ridiculous thing Hockey Canada has done with the world’s second-best women’s hockey program this time.

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