99 Friendship Episode 52

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey

August 29th, 2017 · No comments

  • In a week of NWSL action… not much happened of note to you and me. Kailen Sheridan got a clean sheet. I forget what Allysha Chapman’s name is. It’s a scorcher.

  • In a week of NCAA women’s soccer action, the most notable event by far was that goalkeeper Lysianne Proulx may have made her NCAA debut by playing about 17 minutes of defense against West Point. It was more likely a recordkeeping mistake but it’s still a possibility that gives us much joy.

  • Erin McLeod, Ella Masar, and Jenna Hellstrom helped FC Rosengard defeat Linköpings in the final of the Swedish Cup. Yes, Jenna Hellstrom actually did help, starting and going the 90 minutes. We are pretty hyped about that. We are also pretty hyped about how horrible the Swedish Cup actually looks.

  • Okay obviously we talk about curling quite a lot. We’re outraged by the Fake News Curling Draft, which was nowhere near as awesome as fantasy draft last week. Parts of it were still okay, but only parts. As always Curling Canada should put us in charge of everything.

  • But that wasn’t as bad as a special rule the curling authorities put into place for this tournament, which let John Epping beat the Sweet and made me use up all my profanity for a whole episode in fifteen seconds.

  • But that wasn’t as bad as this commercial, of which I present the extended cut.

  • And even that wasn’t as bad as Ben Hebert.

By the way, sorry about worse sound quality than usual, there were technical problems on Carolyn’s end. Yes I am throwing my podcast buddy straight under the bus.

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