99 Friendship Episode 44

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · June 12th, 2017 · No comments

This is a very special 99 Friendship because it is the first 99 Friendship in which Carolyn and I were both in the same room, instead of having a Skype call between us and her cat.

Is this a good thing? It’s harder to edit (because Carolyn and I aren’t on different channels so I can’t cut everything she says). If anything the sound quality, especially when I speak, is worse, even though I brought my enormous USB microphone and we were both talking into that. There’s just too much echo and we’re too far away.

  • Almost eight minutes of curling talk. I’m serious. I didn’t think we could do it. I was wrong.
  • A brief review of Santa Clarita and Calgary’s UWS derby last week! Exciting!
  • oh yeah Canada played Costa Rica twice, at home, and I was at both of them and Carolyn was at the Toronto one. This is probably worth twenty minutes of our time. The conversation ranges very freely since, instead of meditating on our thoughts and writing notes, we went to the pub, got four hours of sleep, ate some Tim Horton’s, then recorded a podcast. It’s gonzo podcasting! I’m going insane with sleep deprivation! Soccer trips are fantastic, I love them.
  • I work in a reference to John Terry. This is not likely to happen again, cherish it.
  • Finally, we conclude by discussing glamourous Canada 150 friendlies that would be much more interesting than Canada MNT versus Jamaica in Toronto on Labour Day long weekend. We come up with good ones if you’re a massive canwoso nerd, and if you’re listening you presumably are!

It was nice to meet literally multiple people in Toronto who said they listened to the show, so thanks for giving us some of your time. The knowledge that people click on that little triangle down there makes the time we sink into this worthwhile. Please, if you don’t already, follow 99 Friendship on Twitter.

99 Friendship Episode 43

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · June 5th, 2017 · No comments

Hello, friends! On this week’s scintillating 99 Friendship:

  • You may think that the middle of June, in the middle of a packed women’s soccer calendar, is an impossible time to discuss curling. But thanks to a clumsily-written near-press-release by an intern at TSN.ca for a fake cashspiel in August, you’d be wrong!
  • Apparently Dwayne DeRosario’s niece is on Canada’s latest women’s U-17 team, off to a tournament in China that Carolyn apparently remembers. This goes surprisingly well.
  • Oh fine I guess we have to talk about the Canadian WNT roster for the two upcoming friendlies against Costa Rica in Winnipeg and Toronto. I have a minor nervous breakdown because Erin McLeod, despite being healthy, isn’t on it. The CSA had teased additional retirement announcements and McLeod is one of my favourites. This leads to Carolyn scoffing and saying it obviously isn’t McLeod who they’re making a fuss about, and that in turn leads to me having a major nervous breakdown. I’m a bit harsh. I’m not gonna lie. But I was also accurate.
  • We both watched Ashley Lawrence and Kadeisha Buchanan face off in the UEFA Lady Champions League final. Lawrence was amazing, her penalty was terrific, Buchanan went into “thinks she’s a forward” mode a couple of times, the game was not “good” but it was entertaining.
  • This is so much content that we barely mention the past week in the NWSL at all.

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99 Friendship Episode 42

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · May 29th, 2017 · No comments

Having survived my Grizzly Man adventures in the sub-Arctic, 99 Friendship returns with some all new hashtag-content! On this week’s show:

  • Nearly 28 minutes of soccer discussion! We squeeze a small amount of curling at the end there just so you know it’s still us but 90% of the time, it’s 100% woso.
  • We missed two weeks of NWSL excitement in which Allysha Chapman got #twitterhacked, someone got #heatstroke, Mallory Pugh got #aterriblenewsoccerteam, and Christine Sinclair nearly scored #agoalwhilesittingdown.
  • Canada’s WPSL and UWS teams, the North Shore Girls Soccer Club and the Calgary Foothills, also got their seasons underway. Unfortunately we did not get to watch any of their games (while we recorded North Shore drew 1-1 in east Seattle), but we give them some love anyway. In the case of the WPSL, we also give their useless website some hate.
  • The Lady Champions League final on Thursday will pit Ashley Lawrence against Kadeisha Buchanan, which is highly cool. And not televised in Canada!
  • FC Edmonton enjoyed its best-ever attendance in a 2-1 win over the Indy Eleven. This may not sound like woso, but since a large part of the crowd arrived to see Diana Matheson, it’s related. Possible CanPL promotional secret there?
  • Over in England, Carli Lloyd blatantly tried to kill someone and was suspended three games. It would be cruel for us not to laugh.
  • Unfortunately this episode was recorded before Josée Bélanger’s official retirement announcement, so there is no tribute to a much-loved Canadian player. Although I’m sure there’ll be a blog post in the next day or two giving her the respect she deserves.

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99 Friendship Episode 41

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · May 15th, 2017 · No comments

  • Sorry for not having a 99 Friendship last week. My computer decided it was such a bad episode that it wasn’t going to record it.

  • Erin McLeod is not only back for FC Rosengard, but as of recording time she had played 180 minutes of soccer without suffering another torn knee ligament. We make jokes about how this will inevitably end badly to keep from crying about how this will inevitably end badly.

  • Truly horrible and unfortunate things happened to Shelina Zadorsky and Steph Labbé in the NWSL. I try to remember how math works. Carolyn comes up with a strategy for defending indirect free kicks.

  • The indirect free kick we talk about, by the way, is this one:

    Because this is not a video podcast, on account of “then I’d have to put a shirt on,” you can’t really see what we’re discussing. But it’s that. Look at that.

  • Your friends and mine, Ika Kelley and Britta Rooooostad, played for NSGSC against Surrey United in the BC Provincial Cup ladies final on Saturday. We actually watched it. No analysis comes out of that but we do talk about it!

  • The Canadian Olympic mixed doubles curling trials are being held in glamorous Portage la Prairie, Manitoba in the middle of January! I’m sorry for running wild with the italics but this might almost be too exotic for the proletarian culture of curling. Anyway we want to go. Carolyn especially wants to go because she’s a Toba type, and I especially want to go because I could take the train for like three days. For the sake of everyone’s sanity I did edit out the several minutes Carolyn and I spent discussing Portage hotel amenities (not a joke).

  • Jennifer Jones is going to curl in Siberia! That is also not a joke.

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99 Friendship Episode 40

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · May 1st, 2017 · No comments

I have a cold and was rambling even more unstoppably than usual. Carolyn was traumatized by having to watch the Blue Jays, not that she could get a word in edgewise. We were both broken by the mixed doubles. After about twelve minutes of soccer discussion, which doesn’t get you a hell of a lot of insight (Adriana Leon had a good week! Ashlyn Harris is funny!), we go into curling and it’s full-on Heart of Darkness.

You know how last week was a good episode? This week is just an episode.

99 Friendship Episode 39

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · April 25th, 2017 · No comments

I don’t say this every week, but I really liked this episode. It was also – and to be honest we should at least consider the possibility this isn’t a coincidence – one of the more soccer-focused episodes we’ve done in a while. With the NWSL season kicking off, and the world mixed doubles curling championship horrifying us, we sink about twenty of the thirty minutes into pure, uncut woso, shot straight into your eyeballs like a junkie who thinks fentanyl is the spice of life.

On this week’s 99 Friendship:

  • As alluded to, NWSL action! No Canadians troubled the scorers this past week but many of them still did things, from Christine Sinclair contemplating murder to Adriana Leon possibly contemplating a change of career.
  • The NWSL’s statkeeping causes me to have a massive nervous breakdown live on air.
  • Kadeisha Buchanan and Ashley Lawrence are odds-on to face in the UEFA Women’s Champions League final on May 1, which would be awesome if the Women’s Champions League had ever been broadcast in Canada, which it hasn’t. This exercises us.
  • Kaylyn Kyle, Canadian cap cententarian and longtime faithful servant to the national team, recently announced her retirement from international soccer on Twitter. I put on the sad music and we talk about one of the country’s most loyal soldiers, who got her start when most people had never even heard of soccer.
  • Okay, we do spend the last eight minutes talking about mixed doubles curling, but for once curling has made us very angry, so even that is fun. I also briefly mention another mixed doubles game, between Russia and Qatar in 2016, that almost literally made me throw up.

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Supplementary listening, because we’re bros:


99 Friendship Episode 38

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · April 19th, 2017 · No comments

On this week’s fabulous episode of 99 Friendship:

  • A new NWSL season would mean a new week of women’s-club-soccer-featuring-Canadians excitement, if we had watched much of the first week of the NWSL, which we didn’t.
  • The Grand Slam of Curling continued its slamminess. Val Sweeting won curling’s Rogers Cup, which there is no independent evidence of the existence of but was definitely mentioned by Rob Faulds. She also got Chelsea Carey, who was not at this event, into the Olympic trials. I was going to say “it makes sense in context” but I’m not sure it does?
  • Also Jennifer Jones won. We can go back to hating Rachel Homan now; it is therapeutic.
  • Apparently Colleen Jones (no relation) is representing Canada at the world senior curling championships in Lethbridge. My voice rises an octave when we talk about this.
  • Colin Hodgson’s hair happened.
  • Four of those five bullet points were curling. Deal with it.

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99 Friendship Episode 37

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · April 10th, 2017 · No comments

Episode 37 of 99 Friendship. I don’t know how we got this far either, as Chelsea Carey said to Colin Hodgson before their mixed doubles semifinal.

Carolyn instructed me to say that she has been so sated by mixed dubz action that she no longer likes regular curling. Despite having tickets to the regular curling later this week. I’d make fun of her, but when the rubber met the road I cut almost everything we had to say about the men’s world curling championships from the podcast, in favour of more mixed doubles. (And soccer. Actually quite a bit of soccer this week. Given that we’re discussing two games of soccer and about seven hundred games of mixed doubles curling, the attention we give to soccer is really greater, when you think about it.)

You see, Canada’s women’s soccer team did something triply amazing: they played two friendlies (!) that were webstreamed (!!) and went excellently (!!!). About the only frost on the ice of their perfection was the fact that we played two goalkeepers and both of them made a mistake. Kailen Sheridan’s was heartbreaking because she literally cried after. Steph Labbe’s was infuriating because it was the same damned mistake she’s been making non-stop ever since Erin McLeod’s knee decided it didn’t want all its ligaments anymore. Is the moral of the story that I’ll sympathize with athletes more if they cry when they screw up? Well it’s worth trying isn’t it? (glances sidelong at the Edmonton Oilers)

Anyway, we do the soccer talk early, so if you’re repelled by curling you can wait until my awkward segue then turn off and listen to people masturbating over 12.5% of a World Cup. But trust me, the Team HoMo, Brennifer and Courruthers mixed dubz experiences are much more fun.

99 Friendship Episode 36

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · April 3rd, 2017 · No comments

As inevitable as David Murdoch disappointing his fans but at least 50% more entertaining, it’s 99 Friendship Episode 36! Sadly we recorded this on Sunday afternoon, before Brad Gushue had humiliated ol’ Davey Boy and let Carolyn dance triumphantly in the face of Scottish Carolyn. But happily, I edited this on Monday afternoon, when I was very tired and a little insane from working on MySQL for 48 of the past 72 hours. If you aren’t familiar with MySQL, just know that I’m simultaneously exhausted and crazy, like Emma Miskew.

On this week’s episode of 99 Friendship, we talk about women’s soccer for eight minutes, welcoming back Adriana Leon and crying out loud for some real fullbacks! I talk like a crappy tour guide for twenty seconds but don’t worry, it seems much longer! The Women’s World Hockey Championships are taking place in Plymouth, Michigan featuring what can only be called “an American team you’ve heard of,” and as sad as that is Canada losing to Finland for the first time ever in real play was even sadder. So we tell ourselves we’re not going to talk about it, then we talk about it.

And, as the lede alluded to, a lot of curling. World Men’s in Edmonton. Brad Gushue doing well (and doing even better after recording time). Not Thomas Ulsrud not exactly looking like the next Michelle Englot, but beating supposedly real curler David Murdoch, who is currently refunding his haggis all over the frost-scarred cool water that Northlands Coliseum insists on calling ice. Also some Russians played one of the worst games of curling in the history of humanity. Don’t worry about which Russians they are, it doesn’t matter, their coach has changed all their positions by now anyway. (That’s not a joke he actually has.)

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99 Friendship Episode 35

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · March 28th, 2017 · No comments

I can’t be arsed to do an entertaining blurb for this week’s episode so here come the bullet points again.

  • Rachel Homan won the World Women’s Curling Championships. I insist on continuing to call it the World Women’s Curling Championships because that’s stupid phrasing. This in no way stops me from phrasing everything I say throughout the 30-minute episode stupidly.
  • Yes, we devote time to discussing whether Rachel Homan hugged Emma Miskew after winning. (I don’t want to spoil it.)
  • Given that his approach just achieved a considerable international success, I make fun of Adam Kingsbury a lot.
  • Various fashion Choices are discussed in detail.
  • There was not much women’s soccer. We do say the words “Adriana Leon” at one point. NWSL is going to start someday presumably, though you can never be sure.
  • We talk about a U-18 curling tournament in St. Albert, and a mixed doubles event in Brantford. Look it was one of those weeks? Yeah Rachel Homan won the world women’s but all her games were at Fuck Off o’clock! I accidentally fell asleep during the final! Twice!
  • Then right at the end of the episode we remember the men’s Worlds are happening this coming week so we talk about them for a short time.

And we don’t mention it at all in the podcast, because it hadn’t happened yet, but I’m going to embed this video of Sophie Schmidt’s scorching goal for 1. FFC Frankfurt anyway because both it and her Lawrence of Arabia-style motorcycle goggles are well worth seeing.

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