99 Friendship Episode 38

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · April 19th, 2017 · No comments

On this week’s fabulous episode of 99 Friendship:

  • A new NWSL season would mean a new week of women’s-club-soccer-featuring-Canadians excitement, if we had watched much of the first week of the NWSL, which we didn’t.
  • The Grand Slam of Curling continued its slamminess. Val Sweeting won curling’s Rogers Cup, which there is no independent evidence of the existence of but was definitely mentioned by Rob Faulds. She also got Chelsea Carey, who was not at this event, into the Olympic trials. I was going to say “it makes sense in context” but I’m not sure it does?
  • Also Jennifer Jones won. We can go back to hating Rachel Homan now; it is therapeutic.
  • Apparently Colleen Jones (no relation) is representing Canada at the world senior curling championships in Lethbridge. My voice rises an octave when we talk about this.
  • Colin Hodgson’s hair happened.
  • Four of those five bullet points were curling. Deal with it.

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99 Friendship Episode 37

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · April 10th, 2017 · No comments

Episode 37 of 99 Friendship. I don’t know how we got this far either, as Chelsea Carey said to Colin Hodgson before their mixed doubles semifinal.

Carolyn instructed me to say that she has been so sated by mixed dubz action that she no longer likes regular curling. Despite having tickets to the regular curling later this week. I’d make fun of her, but when the rubber met the road I cut almost everything we had to say about the men’s world curling championships from the podcast, in favour of more mixed doubles. (And soccer. Actually quite a bit of soccer this week. Given that we’re discussing two games of soccer and about seven hundred games of mixed doubles curling, the attention we give to soccer is really greater, when you think about it.)

You see, Canada’s women’s soccer team did something triply amazing: they played two friendlies (!) that were webstreamed (!!) and went excellently (!!!). About the only frost on the ice of their perfection was the fact that we played two goalkeepers and both of them made a mistake. Kailen Sheridan’s was heartbreaking because she literally cried after. Steph Labbe’s was infuriating because it was the same damned mistake she’s been making non-stop ever since Erin McLeod’s knee decided it didn’t want all its ligaments anymore. Is the moral of the story that I’ll sympathize with athletes more if they cry when they screw up? Well it’s worth trying isn’t it? (glances sidelong at the Edmonton Oilers)

Anyway, we do the soccer talk early, so if you’re repelled by curling you can wait until my awkward segue then turn off and listen to people masturbating over 12.5% of a World Cup. But trust me, the Team HoMo, Brennifer and Courruthers mixed dubz experiences are much more fun.

99 Friendship Episode 36

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · April 3rd, 2017 · No comments

As inevitable as David Murdoch disappointing his fans but at least 50% more entertaining, it’s 99 Friendship Episode 36! Sadly we recorded this on Sunday afternoon, before Brad Gushue had humiliated ol’ Davey Boy and let Carolyn dance triumphantly in the face of Scottish Carolyn. But happily, I edited this on Monday afternoon, when I was very tired and a little insane from working on MySQL for 48 of the past 72 hours. If you aren’t familiar with MySQL, just know that I’m simultaneously exhausted and crazy, like Emma Miskew.

On this week’s episode of 99 Friendship, we talk about women’s soccer for eight minutes, welcoming back Adriana Leon and crying out loud for some real fullbacks! I talk like a crappy tour guide for twenty seconds but don’t worry, it seems much longer! The Women’s World Hockey Championships are taking place in Plymouth, Michigan featuring what can only be called “an American team you’ve heard of,” and as sad as that is Canada losing to Finland for the first time ever in real play was even sadder. So we tell ourselves we’re not going to talk about it, then we talk about it.

And, as the lede alluded to, a lot of curling. World Men’s in Edmonton. Brad Gushue doing well (and doing even better after recording time). Not Thomas Ulsrud not exactly looking like the next Michelle Englot, but beating supposedly real curler David Murdoch, who is currently refunding his haggis all over the frost-scarred cool water that Northlands Coliseum insists on calling ice. Also some Russians played one of the worst games of curling in the history of humanity. Don’t worry about which Russians they are, it doesn’t matter, their coach has changed all their positions by now anyway. (That’s not a joke he actually has.)

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99 Friendship Episode 35

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · March 28th, 2017 · No comments

I can’t be arsed to do an entertaining blurb for this week’s episode so here come the bullet points again.

  • Rachel Homan won the World Women’s Curling Championships. I insist on continuing to call it the World Women’s Curling Championships because that’s stupid phrasing. This in no way stops me from phrasing everything I say throughout the 30-minute episode stupidly.
  • Yes, we devote time to discussing whether Rachel Homan hugged Emma Miskew after winning. (I don’t want to spoil it.)
  • Given that his approach just achieved a considerable international success, I make fun of Adam Kingsbury a lot.
  • Various fashion Choices are discussed in detail.
  • There was not much women’s soccer. We do say the words “Adriana Leon” at one point. NWSL is going to start someday presumably, though you can never be sure.
  • We talk about a U-18 curling tournament in St. Albert, and a mixed doubles event in Brantford. Look it was one of those weeks? Yeah Rachel Homan won the world women’s but all her games were at Fuck Off o’clock! I accidentally fell asleep during the final! Twice!
  • Then right at the end of the episode we remember the men’s Worlds are happening this coming week so we talk about them for a short time.

And we don’t mention it at all in the podcast, because it hadn’t happened yet, but I’m going to embed this video of Sophie Schmidt’s scorching goal for 1. FFC Frankfurt anyway because both it and her Lawrence of Arabia-style motorcycle goggles are well worth seeing.

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99 Friendship Episode 34

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · March 21st, 2017 · No comments

Thank you for bearing with this day-late upload of your favourite women’s soccer/curling podcast, 99 Friendship, as Carolyn and your humble author go quietly mad trying to balance work, school, and staying on Beijing time to see Rachel Homan curl questionably on violently bad Chinese ice at the World Women’s, then somehow beat absolutely everybody. Since we recorded Rachel has edged another squeaker over the United States’s Nina Roth then slapped the kilt off of Eve Muirhead, because this tournament is subtitled with whatever is Chinese for “randomness makes things interesting.” There’s a big draw against Sweden’s Anna Hasselborg tonight/tomorrow morning depending on what time zone you’re reading this from, and God knows what will happen.

Also, she’s smiling quite a bit. She seems to be in a good mood. Her high-fives of Joanne and Lisa as she slides up to take her shots seem less perfunctory than usual. At once point against Sidorova she spent a while looking at a house that could have been cleared out with Random Big Weight Madness, mused worriedly to Emma Miskew “I don’t think I have a shot,” then played a glorious high-precision soft-weight tap-back to get a big end. There’s a lot of smog in Beijing and she may be suffering from hypoxia. When Hasselborg inevitably drops Homan like a sack of doorknobs in the final, I’m worried Rachel is going to snap in a way beyond even the reach of a sports psychologist.

Also the Elite 10 happened, and Old Man Curling was a lot of fun, and Kevin Koe tried very hard to go home earlier, and we have some laughs.

Women’s soccer content this week consists of a) “hey Saskatchewan named its players of the year I guess?” and b) “oh the Kent State woso recruiting class.” I mean it’s not a high-content woso week, the fact that we get as many minutes out of it as we do is a tribute to how much we care. You’re welcome.

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99 Friendship Episode 33

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · March 13th, 2017 · 1 comment

There is exactly 4:20 of women’s soccer content in this week’s 99 Friendship. Dank af.

In our defense, there were better-than-usual reasons for skimming over our podcast’s nominal topic. First off: yes, the Canadian women’s soccer team played two games in the last week. But neither was streamed (fuck you, Portugal!) and Canada didn’t score any goals for us to salivate over. So what the hell were we supposed to say? “Losing to Spain is kinda sucky, unless we played really well but it wasn’t our day, which is possible, though it might not be what happened, and anyway it was the Algarve Cup so who actually cares, we lost to Denmark at the last one of these then won an Olympic bronze medal.” The most interesting thing to happen was Nichelle Prince and Jordyn Huitema getting substituted off after only 40 minutes in the final, and the story there is “what happened? I dunno.”

Also, the Brier (Canada’s men’s curling championship) happened. Both Carolyn and my rink lost in awkward ways, but I’m louder so we talk about mine more. Also the women’s world curling championships (sorry, the world women’s curling championships) are happening next weekend at Oh God-o’clock, which gives Carolyn an excuse to recount old stories of Rachel Homan blowing world finals. Also also, Cathy Overton-Clapham is playing with my girl Chelsea Carey next year. Which is excellent.

Solid solid content this week.

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99 Friendship Episode 32

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · March 6th, 2017 · No comments

Our women’s soccer podcast has some women’s soccer in it this week! Yes we spent the last ten minutes talking about the first two games of the Algarve Cup, and made some pessimistic predictions about the third game against Portugal that wound up not being quite pessimistic enough. We’re in the final against Spain, we told you we would be, but instead of squeaking out a narrow 1-0 win we drew 0-0. And the Portuguese didn’t bother broadcasting it. Sad!

But if you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding. And the Brier, Canada’s brocurl championship, is on, so yeah we treat you to twenty minutes talking about curlers we hate (Adam Casey, Brad Jacobs) and curlers we love (Carly Howard, on the basis of her running Team Glenn Howard’s Twitter account and apparently treating the Brier as a week-long party, which is the only way it should be treated if you aren’t competing).

Good episode. If you like our curling talk. And I mean you’ve got to be used to it by now, we’ve been doing it for how many months now? I feel like I should apologize for it but come on.

Anyway, here are the CSA’s Algarve Cup highlights. Especially nice to appreciate that backpass to Sinclair in the Russia game, which was something. And the killer dramatic music. Ooh ah.

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99 Friendship Episode 31

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · February 28th, 2017 · No comments

For the love of spinning granite, we didn’t seriously make our 31st episode of 99 Friendship an hour-long all-curling spectacular, did we?

No! Because there’s the introductory and closing songs, which add up to about 48 seconds combined. On top of that we spend 77.3 seconds of talk time discussing the Algarve Cup and its roster. Carolyn took note of Diana Matheson’s absence, but had we known while recording that she had suffered another debilitating knee injury we would have used considerably more time. Most of it would have been screaming. Perhaps it was for the best.

The rest of the hour (yes, an hour) is given over to curling. Canada’s women’s curling championship, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, had just wrapped up in St. Catharines, and the team Carolyn and I had more-or-less reluctantly decided to cheer for had won. This was no credit to us, since we had deliberately picked by far the best team in a field that had us all a little worried Robyn MacPhee or somebody was accidentally going to the World Championships. But it was nice, especially since the games featured some of the best curling seen in a while, so good that even the faintly-annoying skip and team we were “cheering” for emerged likable from their hard-fought victory.

It was such a marathon podcast that we recorded it over two evenings; that’s my excuse, and not “on Sunday night my wifi wrecked like Marla Mallett trying to draw behind a guard.” Yeah, we ran off at the mouth a little. It was worth it, though. If you have any interest in curling, grab a couple Homan-Englot draws off YouTube, sit down with three hours in booze, and enjoy yourself.

Although the social media prize of the Scotties, which by the way is consistently an excellent category, probably goes to Carolyn’s fellow Toban Michelle Englot for grace in defeat.

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99 Friendship Episode 30

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · February 20th, 2017 · No comments

On this very special thirtieth episode of 99 Friendship:

  • We discuss bread. Now, look, I know you’re thinking “okay this was a Canadian women’s soccer podcast on day one, and I signed up and I indulged when they started talking about curling, and ringette, and other irrelevant things, but now they’re talking about bread and this is a bridge too far.” But the bread is a topic relevant to one of our regular subjects. Admittedly that subject is “curling.”
  • We have two pieces of canwoso news, and dispose of them in about three minutes. It’s February. Deal with it.
  • Canada’s women’s curling championship, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, is beginning. I missed all the opening games so we don’t mention it at all. Ha ha just kidding this is a mostly-curling podcast when we aren’t talking about bread. But we’re very entertaining so listen to it anyway.
  • Carolyn wrote a huge blog post about curling that was very enjoyable, but she didn’t post it publicly, so I read a paragraph from it. I promise I am not mentioning it just to shame her into sharing it with the world.
  • I wrote a short blog post about the Scotties, but I shared it with the world so we don’t mention it at all.

What’s that, it sounds like the same old crap? You’re right it’s not a very special thirtieth episode of 99 Friendship at all. But follow us on Twitter anyway, or I’ll come to your house and yell about Emma Miskew’s outturn while you try to sleep.

99 Friendship Episode 29

By Carolyn Duthie and Benjamin Massey · February 13th, 2017 · No comments

Oh my God I hate writing these blurbs, especially when I have to confess a technical glitch. You see, I recorded this episode on a different computer than usual because I was trying to watch John Morris whip some guy, and maybe that’s why the recording is suffering from what I can only call “missing syllables.” Carolyn and I will be chatting along merrily and then some phoneme which I know we enunciated will just not be there anymore. At one point I say “the house was all Pepsi.” I promise this made sense when I said it but now I’m crazy.

Anyway I tried to cut the worst bits but you’ll still be able to tell. Don’t worry, you’re not having a stroke.

So what did we talk about? Well the provincial men’s curling championships wrapped up this weekend so we talk about that. There wasn’t much Canadian women’s soccer news but we work in a little bit, mostly revolving around a Canadian on trial in Norway. And then we end by seemingly-randomly discussing commercials and accents. Once upon a time there was a segue but there ain’t anymore. This is the 99 Friendship experience.

Also, some errata. At one point I say the woman on the old Macdonald Lassies curling trophy was holding a broom. This was in error. It was actually a broadsword.

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